Infrared Sauna Therapy

Who else wants to feel healthy, fit and super energetic in just 30 minutes a week without spending endless hours in the gym or sacrificing your favourite foods to do it? If that sounds like you, try an Infrared sauna today!

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Why Infrared Sauna?

For centuries, saunas were used for mental, spiritual and physical cleansing! Scandinavians exploited it for hundreds of years and the Native Americans built sweat lodges to “purify the soul”. So we know saunas work. But the problem is, most people can’t handle the heat for long. This is because steam creates a suffocating heat that evaporates oxygen in the air, making breathing difficult. But with an infrared sauna, it’s different. Instead of steam, you get infrared heat coming out of three or four ceramic panels. It’ll feel like a dry heat at first, yet after just 30 minutes, your body will be soaked in sweat. In fact, we guarantee it or you pay nothing!

So, if you’re ready to experience a deep sweat that can flush out toxins and fire up your energy levels, then try our infrared sauna in London. For best results, join our membership option here.

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On a Package? Book The Sauna With The Ensuite Shower Here

If you’re an existing client wanting to book your next Infrared sauna with the ensuite shower, use the button below.

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What Are The Infrared Sauna Benefits?

Empower Your Immune System

When your body’s temperature sky-rockets in the infrared sauna, it gets “tricked” by thinking you have a fever. So in response, it accelerates your defence mechanisms against infections and strengthens you immune system overall! And overtime, it will  increase your resistance to diseases!

Improve The Appearance of Cellulite!

The infrared sauna’s heat warms 3 TIMES as deep as regular saunas. That means, it’s more successful in improving the appearance of cellulite by reaching that stubborn hypodermic fat layer just beneath the skin…breaking up those superficial pockets of trapped fat!

Gives You Glowing, Sexy and Healthy-Looking Skin!

When the heat “soaks” deep into the skin tissue, it quickly removes dirt, blackheads, dry skin cells and cosmetics…leaving you with silky smooth, tightly toned and stunningly sexy skin!

Burn 200-600 Calories While Sitting Down!

The Infrared sauna fires up your heart rate just like a cardiovascular workout would do. According the The Journal of American College of Cardiology, you can shed between 200 and 600 calories in just 30 minutes* while inside an IR sauna cabin. The best part? It all happens while you sit down, relax and de-stress. (*This is based on different health factors such as body weight, diet and lifestyle. Results may vary.)

Alleviates Back Pain Quickly!

As the “deep heat” of the Infrared sauna flows through your body, it enlarges the outer blood vessels of the circulatory system! This stimulates the nerves and muscles and alleviates the pain you’ve been struggling with for years! 80% of clients report positive results in as little as 24 hours! (These results are not typical and vary from person to person)

It Releases the Same Endorphins (the Happy Hormone) as a 30-minute Workout Would Do!

But instead of going through that long, arduous and painful gym session, you can experience a much more relaxed, quiet and liberating environment giving you the same effect. So yeah, you’d feel like you just had a great workout without the workout.

Single Sessions And Packages

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  • If you want quicker, longer and more potent detoxing results, then a course of three, six or 10 is (without a doubt) a more fitting option as most clients notice a real significant change in their health and vitality after about three sessions.
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Infrared Infinity™

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  • With the Infrared Infinity™ option, you can pop in 7 times a week if you wish and only pay £4 a session. Heck, even 3 sessions a week works out to less than £10 a visit. So, if you’re a serious Infrared sauna fan that already knows about the amazing benefits, then simply click the button below to request this option.
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*The Wellness Club membership includes 4x 30-min Infrared sauna sessions a month; 40% off on any additional sessions; 10% off on any of our other wellness treatments; a free electrolyte drink after each session; priority access to Detox Room #2 with ensuite shower; FREE 30-minute session every three months! Want to save even MORE? Then click here to find out about our 6 and 12 month options. 

What Others Are Saying:

“I’ve been in the health & fitness industry for over 23 years, and are always looking for superior, cutting-edge advantages to health, well-being and recovery! I have to say, the Infrared sauna is one of those phenomenal approaches! I know that the best investment anyone could make is in themselves (especially to do with health). I highly recommend trying an Infrared Sauna session PÜR Wellness!

Lee Hadden

Personal Trainer, Hadden Bespoke Fitness

“I headed over to PÜR Wellness in Notting Hill to try it out and sweat more in half an hour than I have in my entire life combined, probably. Infrared saunas can burn between 400-600 calories in one 30 minute session, along with helping shed excess water weight, and I noticed a big difference in my muscle tone the morning after.”

Rosie Cherington

Huffington Post Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can use the infrared sauna at the same time?

As a regular client, you can use the 1-person cabin in our smaller Detox Room #1 (with a separate shower) at any time. However, as a wellness club member you’ll get privilege access to our 2-person cabin in Detox Room #2 (with an ensuite shower) that is bigger. Both are very effective, but you get so much more in return as a wellness club member.

Who is it NOT for?
Please avoid the sauna in the event of a fever, acute infections, inflammations, fresh injuries, thrombosis, when under the influence of alcohol and drugs, if pregnant, have hypertention, epilepsy, scars on back or after sunbathing. Please consult with your doctor before booking in. Also, It is not for those who want a quick fix, hoping to lose 10 pounds in a few minutes. Most clients get the best results from an Infrared sauna by doing it on a regularly, monthly basis as it compliments their fitness regimes and overall healthy lifestyle!
Do I need to arrive early?

Yes. We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes before your treatment as we do require a consultation and consent form to be filled in. This will be done in our lovely reception area before we take you downstairs to the Detox Room.

Do I need anything with the sauna?

Everything will be taken care of for you! We provide you with a shower facility, toiletries, hairdryer, towels, water and relaxing music! This way, you can either start your day fresh or, it could be the perfect end to a long week! However, we do recommend bringing deodorant or any other items you may need to freshen up.

How hot does it get?

The air temperature in the cabin is between 30 °C and 50 °C. Within this temperature range, heat absorption and heat dissipation in an unclothed human body at rest are in balance. The body does not need to expend any energy for warmth or cooling. It is in a “thermally neutral environment”. This means that the body’s own thermal regulation mechanism is “at rest”. The body can then absorb warmth through the skin easily and dissipate it to the environment easily.

Where are you based?

Our small, but cosy and beautiful Spa is called PÜR Wellness, and we’re based in Notting Hill (on the corner of Artesian Road and 1 Courtnell Street, W2 5BU). This is about a 8-10 minute walk from Notting Hill Gate or Ladbroke Grove tube station.

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