If you study successful people, you'll quickly find patterns in their behaviour. One in particular pertains to today's blog post! What is it?

 "They all make use of mentors, coaches or other support systems that keep them focused consistently!"

For example:

Sam Smith, singer and songwriter, lost 14 pounds in 14 days back in 2014. An amazing achievement I must say!

Could he have decided to do that all by himself? Possibly...

But more likely, he allowed others to help him lose that weight. Of course, this could have all been his determination, but to lose a pound a day becomes infinitely easier with support than with none.

The advantage of it is that your goals go from being nebulous to knowing exactly what you are working towards.

You see, ‘will power’ alone hardly gets you there.

Yes, it may get you to achieve your health or beauty goal, but to sustain it takes more than just that. It takes true support from someone that believes more in you than you do in yourself.

In Sam Smith’s case, it was nutritionist, Amelia Freer that put him on a strict paleo diet. And there’s a lesson within itself.

You see, having a place of power where you can congregate, learn & grow, collaborate and celebrate great health & beauty like you would celebrate a promotion at work is specialThe more exposed you are to the right message on health, beauty and wellness…the quicker you’ll reach your goals (and most importantly) sustain it throughout your life.

In other words…

Getting support buys you time and results WITH LESS EFFORT!

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