Colon Hydrotherapy by Bridgit Smith

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Why Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy easily and quickly repairs the damage caused by toxins exposed to your body through the air, soil, water and food daily. These toxins literally “steal” your life-force and make you feel sluggish and worn-out often. With this treatment, you can rejuvenate your digestive system and catapult your vitality like it was 10 years ago!

What Are The Benefits?

Your Energy Will Increase by the Day

If you’re leading a jam-packed busy life, dealing with a stressful job and endless things to do, it gets much harder to sustain a good, balanced lifestyle! And the last thing you want to constantly struggle with is fatigue! With a colonic, you can ‘reboot’ your entire system merely by cleansing your body on regular basis. In other words, you give your body a chance to “flush out” those culprits that cause fatigue in the first place.

Controls Emotional Stress and Gives You Mental-Clarity

When you cleanse your colon, you don’t only get rid of toxins, but also release some of that ‘bottled up’ emotions you’ve stored in your gut. In 1996, Dr Michael Gershon published a book called ‘the second brain’, which clearly showed that our emotions, produced by biochemicals such as serotonin, can have a direct effect on our gut and cause problems such as constipation, IBS etc. Think back to the time where you had butterflies in your stomach before giving a speech, or preparing for an exam, or meeting someone you’re really attracted to. These mood altering neurotransmitters are directly linked to our gut.  On occasions, some clients even burst out in tears during a colonic as they finally released all that unwanted emotions.

It ‘Reveals’ The True Condition of Your Health

This is a great eye-opener and a mind-blowing shift to making better and healthier food choices. Whether doctors and other health experts agree with colonics or not, facts are facts; your colon will reveal why it isn’t happy. And as strange as this might sound, it’s peculiarly compelling to see how undigested food you ate days or weeks ago finally comes out! It makes you aware of your eating habits and changes the way you approach food almost instantly.

Significantly Improve Your Digestive Health

Common toxins from genetically modified foods, pesticides, white flour, table salt, MSG, microwaved meals, artificial sweeteners etc can be the big culprits to digestive issues. It should take 14-24 hours for food to pass through a healthy, well-functioned body and according to Dr Anwar Talwar, it is typically known (in the UK) that some don’t see any movements for up to 3-4 days. So this treatment reboots the functionality of your digestive system, and helps you feel lighter and more energetic. This is the PERFECT “motivator” that’ll kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Once you experience that clean, empty and flat tummy of yours, you’ll automatically WANT to eat healthier to keep it that way. In other words, it helps you to truly focus on reaching optimum health and well-being. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Hydro Cleanse™ Packages

Choose between one or 10 Colonic treatments
  • Pre-care guide on how to prepare your body for a cleanse (£1o value)
  • 20-minute Diet & Lifestyle consultation before your treatment (£40 value)
  • 1-10x 40-minute Hydro Cleanse™ treatment to flush out toxins
  • A FREE* probiotic implant (a liquid probiotic) that is “syringed” directly into the colon, which bypasses the stomach acid while being absorbed by your cells immediately! This is a very effective way to replace the good bacteria in your gut instantly after a colonic. This saves you from taking probiotic supplements in the long run. (£25 value) *Please note, if you decide to do a course of three colonics, the probiotic implant will only be offered at the end of the third session for maximum effect.
  • OPTIONAL: £50 off voucher to join Madeleine’s Karlsson’s 10-day Detox & Reboot Program (£50 value)
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What Other Clients Are Saying:

I just wanted to say how amazing I feel today after my first hydro therapy from yesterday! I slept soundly and perfectly. I woke up this morning feeling great and not sluggish or tired at all! I’m so happy with the outcome. I can’t wait for my next treatment and to make this a regular alternative health therapy in my life!

Noa R.

First time client

I have been having colonic hydrotherapy for over 7 years now and I can honestly say that this treatment has radically improved my health and digestion. It’s great for people with candida or IBS. Since finding Bridgit 5 years ago, I wouldn’t want to go to anybody else. Bridgit is so good at putting you at ease throughout the treatment and her kind, caring, gentle and reassuring nature put aside any feelings of apprehension! Bridgit’s enthusiasm for her work and passion about health and nutrition is inspiring and I always tend to eat really well and nurture my body after a colonic, after all, who wants to poison their body after a detoxing cleanse? Finally, I just want to thank you Bridgit for being such a fab therapist – especially for all the times when you fit me in for an “emergency colonic” after my over indulgent bread eating holidays

Jane R.

Yoga Teacher

I have been going to Bridgit for colonic irrigation for nearly a year now and the change to my life has been dramatic. My energy levels have increased, my complexion has improved vastly, and I have lost weight. In addition my digestive problems have been eradicated. I have never been happier. Bridgit is always extremely professional, warm and welcoming. In addition Bridgit has so much knowledge with regard to living a healthy lifestyle, every time I leave a session with her I feel lighter and better about myself. I cannot recommend Bridgit more highly. You will not regret booking an appointment with her. There is no one better in London.

Victoria A.


Before I met Bridgit I’d had a few colonics done in various places. I must say that she is exceptionally good! She is knowledgeable and considerate. She is conducting a procedure in a very professional way, foreseeing all possible questions, helping to avoid any awkwardness and discomfort. I’ve recommended her to my friends and have booked a few appointments ahead for myself.

Anna Maria

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

A Hydro Cleanse treatment (colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy) is the internal cleaning of the bowel with infusion of warm, filtered water into the rectum, intended to remove waste from the colon and intestinal tract.During a colonic session, a therapist will gently insert a small plastic speculum a few inches into the rectum. The speculum or tube is part of the plastic hose connected to the hydrotherapy machine.

As the water enters the colon, it causes the muscles to contract, encouraging the body to expel any undigested food, bacteria, gas and mucous that have built up in the colon. The compressed toxic material leaves your body by travelling through a separate evacuation tube leading back to the machine. The practice dates back to almost a 1,000 years ago where the ancient Egyptians believed colon cleansing helped with bowel problems and that old food rotted the intestines.

Ancient Greeks expanded on an idea that the body cannot fully detoxify itself and it wasn’t until the 1800′s where the western world became intrigued with the entire colon’s function, and called it: auto-intoxification. Since then, colonic irrigation was used more commonly in doctor’s surgeries and hospitals between the 1920′s-1940s. A few decades later, it became a favourite treatment in the nineties amongst the rich and famous such as Princess Diana, Madonna, Kim Wilde, and more recently, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale and Jack Osbourne. News quickly spread since then and now some of the most glamorous women in the world turn to colonic hydrotherapy and detox diets to lose weight fast, control digestive problems and reach optimum health.

Who is it for?

As Hydro Cleanse Therapy specialists, we’d like to help everyone. But in an ideal world, that’s not really possible. Over the years we’ve experienced four types of clients that cater well to PÜR Wellness.

  •  The Health Enthusiast, who understands that cleansing, detoxing and healthy eating is a priority, but not an obsession. They care about what food they eat and stay healthy throughout the year. They also have more colonics done than most as they engage in various cleansing treatments…even have diet and nutrition coaches!
  • The busy professional or business owner
    The word “busy” really describes these two groups. They live hectic, complicated, high-demanding, every-minute-count lifestyles. Because of this type of lifestyle, their main goal is to take control back over their personal and career lives, regain energy and stay consistent throughout the year. They want to let go (no pun attended) of all the emotional stress. They also comment that colonic hydrotherapy was the initial “push” they needed to get back into shape again.
  • Clients with digestive problems
    A far more complicated process with these clients- and so it should be. Digestive problems such as IBS, Candida, constipation and acid reflux are very uncomfortable- an intense, frustrating feeling. That is why we have a comprehensive consultation process before we even begin the treatment.
How long is each treatment?

A typical colonic treatment lasts between 35-50 minutes. This, of course, depends entirely on your diet and lifestyle. If you’ve never had a colonic before in your life, and it is your first visit with us, the entire process will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. This will include a consultation before and afterwards.

Will I have any privacy?

Absolutely. You can feel comfortable, relax and assured that you are in a private, professional environment. There is no need to feel embarrassed, or “exposed” in anyway. We ensure each treatment is catered to your personal needs and conducted in a private, safe manner while the therapist carries out the treatment.

Is it a weight loss treatment?

Weight loss is not the key aim here, nor should it be your main reason for doing it, but it can be a nice added bonus! (Not because you get rid of waste but because it is a great kick starter to changing your diet and lifestyle afterwards.) Some clients often comment that it feels like their tummy has literally shrunk overnight. The “empty feeling” is a great psychological trigger that kick starts a healthier lifestyle and leads to better food choices, and inevitably help you lose weight. However, without a proper diet and exercising, colonic hydrotherapy is certainly not the “weight loss miracle” that some are after.

Is colon hydrotherapy dangerous?

Any treatment from facials to surgery can cause harm if misused, or practised by an unqualified person. If the colonic therapist doesn’t ensure the equipment is clean and safe; doesn’t work in a professional environment, then I’ll highly recommend not to use that person or company. That’s why it’s important for you to ensure your therapist, whoever you choose, belongs to a respected, well established institute such as the:

  • I.P.C.H (Institute of Professional Colonic Hydrotherapy)
  • A.R.C.H (Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists) Or
  • I-ACT (International Association Of Colon Therapists)
What system do you use?

We use the Closed Gravity System, which basically means that the water pressure (coming from the tank) is controlled by gravity. I highly recommend you read my special report called ‘The Official Consumer Guide to the Best Cleansing Treatment Possible’. This goes into great detail about the different colonic systems being used.

Is all your equipment disposable?

Everything from the speculum, the waste pipe, to the inlet tube is disposable. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets re-used. The only equipment piece that isn’t disposable is the actual water tank. But even that, gets sterilized often.

What other options can I add to this treatment?

Adding Herbs To Your Colonic:

Some therapists may choose to add herbs, ozone or special enzymes to the water to increase the benefits of the colonic. We personally offer optional cleansing herbs such as camomile, anti-parasite and wheat grass with the treatment if requested for an additional charge. This is entirely up to you but not essential.

Adding a Probiotic Implant To Your Colonic:

Why an implant and not probiotic supplements? Although we offer both versions of it, the implant is more potent as it bypasses the entire digestive tract, and doesn’t have to go through the hostile environment of your stomach, where some of the live organisms can be destroyed. So instead, it gets inserted directly into your colon through your rectum. In other words, an incredible powerful way to balance the good bacteria in your tummy again!