Our Personal Philosophy

If you are a health-conscious* individual that is fun, out-going and positive; a person that is busy, career-driven and loves the city life…yet, is conscious about staying active and healthy without being obsessed about it, then PÜR Wellness is the place for you! Our goal is not to change you, but to help you become the best version of yourself EVERY DAY! And we do that in three areas that lead to COMPLETENESS:

It starts with the INNER BODY

This is about optimum functionality. To ensure everything works at the healthiest level from within, regular detoxification and nutrition play an important role here, as it can help you stay…

  • Disease-free!
  • Keep your heart and other organs healthy!
  • Boost Your Immune system!
  • Experience natural vitality!
  • Give you natural beauty!

The OUTER BODY—is physical

Ageing is part of life, but it doesn’t mean you can’t slow it down. In this area, we spent time on fitness and skin care, both designed for anti-ageing purposes. Bring life to tired skin again with our Active-vitamin Facials, and keep your entire body strong by being physically active.

And finally, the MENTAL BODY

A lot happens here—energy, emotions, self-image, conscious and subconscious mind. Without a healthy mind, the body deteriorates fast. In this area, we help you let go of stress, damaged emotions and self-doubt. There is no such thing as the perfect image, but there is the perfect version of you. Let us help you find it; then sustain it.

All three areas, when at optimum level, gives you completeness. At PÜR Wellness, we help you master each three.

*A health-conscious person loves a green juice, but is the first person to get a cocktail with friends. There is balance. The health-obsessed person believes everything in this world is poison, and without living like a Tibetan Monk, we’re doomed. As you can imagine, we cater for the former, not the latter.