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Optimise Your Natural Detox System...

with regular Infrared Sauna sessions! Let the “deep radiant heat” zap away toxins from your organs, muscles, and skin…and leave you with a REAL sense of vitality and wellbeing afterwards!

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PÜR Wellness is a true gem and a lucky find for me. The focus here is on unique and effective treatments rather than standard stuff. I came in for a taster session of their infrared sauna and fell in love with the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and the real changes this has made to my skin, sleep and overall health. I have now become a member and visit weekly. I know I am in really good hands.


Wellness Club Member

I am a huge fan of the infrared sauna experience at PÜR Wellness! I’ve been a member for 5 months now and I’ve seen great improvement in my skin, my sense of smell (oddly enough!), my sleep quality and how I feel generally. Now, when I haven’t been to the sauna for a couple of weeks, I can really tell. From my experience, I’d recommend going to the sauna at least once per week.


Wellness Club Member

I have been having colonic hydrotherapy for over 7 years now and I can honestly say that this treatment has radically improved my health and digestion. It’s great for people with candida or IBS. Since finding Bridgit 5 years ago, I wouldn’t want to go to anybody else.


Long time Client