Why PÜR Wellness Spa?

We are a wellness spa in Notting Hill focusing on helping you feel, look and be at your best all year round through a fusion of our detox, skin and body treatments! Here at PÜR, Wellness is you being confident, sexy and successful! And that is exactly how we want you to feel every day with your health, your beauty and your overall wellbeing!


Wellness Whispers™ Newsletter

The more exposed you are to the right message on health, beauty and wellness, the quicker you’ll reach your goals (and most importantly) sustain it throughout your life. In other words, getting support buys you time and results with less effort. Do you have the support you need to achieve your health and wellness goals? We’d like to help you with that! Our Wellness Whispers™ Newsletter is such a support system, where you can pull inspiration, ideas and information from every time you ‘stray away’ from your wellness goals. That may just be the greatest gift you can receive! The best part? It’s all for free! Get your copy now by clicking the button below.

Give yourself the best chance to boost your health, vitality and longevity through the power of detoxification! When you detox, you eliminate toxins and neutralise harmful effects of free radicals from your body. This will automatically slow down the ageing process, as you are effectively healing yourself from the inside.

Experience silky smooth, healthy-looking skin with our various Dermalogica, Environ, Micro Needling and Organic facials! Preserve and increase the levels of collagen and elastin— the two compounds responsible for fighting wrinkles and fine lines by getting regular facials at PÜR Wellness. 

Relax and let all the stress and tension flow out of your body with our swedish, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage massages. These treatments compliment the overall wellness experience perfectly here at PÜR Wellness that’ll leave you feeling healthy, confident and relaxed every day!